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Thread: Macbook won't connect to wireless network

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    Macbook won't connect to wireless network
    My macbook was fine, connecting to the wireless network and all. But then a few days ago I turned it on and it just wouldn't connect. It could find the network but when I typed in the WEP it just kept saying "network timeout".

    My brother's windows laptop connects fine as does the PS3 and Nintendo wii. Is there something wrong with my laptop? I haven't moved it or dropped it so I don't see why it's no longer working

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    are you sure you don't have cap locks on? Its happened to me. If you are sure the password is right try disabling it from another computer and trying to connect then. If still no luck you might just need to reinstall an airport update.

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    Under the list of networks on "Network Preference/Advanced" remove it and reconnect.

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    Long term would be a good idea to change the Network from WEP - which is not very secure - to WPA which will probably mean the MacBook is happier. Also have a hunt in the Forums for setting up Locations and adding DNS numbers as it will make your roaming experience much more pleasant. It is covered here but there are others as well.

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