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    Airport Extreme Ethernet/Wifi slowdown?
    Maybe a dumb question, but here goes-

    If I connect my iMac to Airport Extreme through an Ethernet cord, will I still receive Wireless N standard for my macbook? In other words, does simultaneous ethernet/wifi connection slow down wireless speed?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I believe wired and wireless are totally independent . . . ethernet connections will not affect the wireless (I'm sure at some level hooking up 20 ethernet users would somehow affect what everyone saw in terms of transfer rate both wired and wireless, but generally shouldn't matter).

    Unless you have a dual band simultaneous wireless, however, the slowest wireless link will slow the entire wireless (that is, one "g" receiver will make a single transmitter go to "g" also even though it has "n" capability). Dual band simultaneous transmits on both "g" and "n" bands at the same time to avoid this.

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    Sure, wired and wireless run concurrently. When you plug in, the Mac defaults to the wired connection, but you can still go to Network in System Preferences and switch to Airport (wireless) if you want to. Since I keep my MBP and Airport Extreme on the same countertop, I tend to run wired when at home. But if I want to go wireless I just unplug the Ethernet and walk off with the MBP.

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    Very helpful info. Good to know that I can do both wired/wireless. Also, I had no idea that a wireless g receiver would effect a wireless n. I actually have 2 apple expresses in my home- one g and one n. So I will definitely look into the dual band.

    Thanks for the responses.

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