I've had a time capsule for about 18 months and have run into numerous problems with it. It stopped automatically backing up about a year ago with the complaint that backup volumes couldn't be mounted. I tried renaming it, as that's what the apple site suggests doing. That didn't work. I used DiskUtility to repair the disk, but that didn't work. I eventually erased the whole thing and started over last April. It automatically backed up for a while, then started randomly crapping out on me (I have four iMACs I'm trying to back up, some would work while others didn't). I tried renaming again, but that was only a temporary fix, if it worked at all (at this point I can't remember).

Right now, it will not automatically back up any of the 4 computers. It says back up disc could not be mounted. If I try to enter time machine, it says back up drive cannot be found, would you like to set up one. If I do a bunch of hocus pocus where I pretend to set it up or try to enter it 3-4 times, eventually it will show up in finder (as a disk I can eject) and if I manually tell it to, it'll back up. So it works in the very crude sense that it can back up, but I could just burn a DVD and save myself the trouble. The beauty of the TC was supposed to be automatic back up, which it can't do.

Anyone know of a way to fix this?