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    VPN doesn't work with Mac with new Router
    Ok, here's an odd one for you.

    In the previous setup, we had a Netgear WPN824v2 wireless router. It had port forwarding enabled to the server, which is running Small Business Server 2003. The client who had a MacBook running OSX 10.5.8 had no problems connecting to the network using the Mac's built-in VPN PPTP software.

    Since then, their router died and I replaced it with the same model, but version 3 instead of version 2. It has the latest firmware available from Netgear. I made sure all the settings and port forwarding was entered the same, and tested VPN connection with a Windows machine and it connected fine with no problems.

    But now, with this new router, the Mac cannot connect to the network using the same exact settings. I tried tweaking everything I could on the settings in the Mac, thinking it was some small detail, but nothing I change makes a difference.

    The error message I get on the Mac is "Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server. Please verify your settings and try again."

    I have tried using that user's credentials to connect with a Windows machine (running XP, Vista or 7, all work) and it connects with no problems, so it isn't a permissions issue. It -does- work, just not with the Mac.

    I tried posting to Microsoft Newsgroups, they said it was a router issue.

    I posted to Netgear's forums and they said to call Netgear support. I called them, and after 2 hours of being transferred around and talking to idiots, they told me that it's not the router, since it does work. Well, it only sort of works. What am I supposed to do.. tell clients they can't own a Mac and work from home??

    I'm trying to find a solution to actually resolve this problem and help the client, since they have been out of luck for so long. Does anyone know if there's a list of routers that have been tested with VPN on the Mac and therefore know for sure if they work or not? I don't want to replace it with a different router and run into the same problem. It seems like a common enough problem that this list may exist somewhere...

    Also was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this, I'm totally stumped.

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    Any ideas on this? I really need some help.

    Even if you just have a suggestion for a different forum to post to, that would be helpful.

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    Make sure when you enable port forwarding, you enable is as a VPN protocol.
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    Your Mac could be looking for the old MAC of replaced Netgear - what about deleting Network from MacBook and re joining.

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