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    Question Airport Extreme wireless password not working
    I recently purchased an airport extreme and connected it to my cable modem and iMac G5. I proceeded through the Airport Utility, chose "Set up a wireless network" and entered a WPA/WPA2 password. After set-up the extreme's green light was on and I was surfing the web on my G5. I then checked for the wireless network on my MacBook. I located the network I had created and entered the password I had just set but got a "connection failed" message. Maybe I'm missing something obvious since I've never used airport utility before. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks.

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    Sorry not to have an answer but perhaps a related problem. An Airport Extreme that has been happily running with the same WAP password for a couple of years suddenly returns 'Incorrect Password' when I try to connect from one of my MacBook Pros. Rebooting everything seems to fix it temporarily, but it recurs after a while (perhaps after invoking Internet sharing for another laptop (trying to share a GPRS dongle). Any guidelines most welcome. Thx.

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