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    quick and easy ftp lite
    I have set-up quick and easy ftp lite on a few pc's. Is there a similar product that someone knows that may be compatible with MAC 10.5. Wanting to install a easy ftp so that we can scan documents from network copier to imac.

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    The Mac comes with a built in FTP server so there is nothing to install

    Just go to System Preferences > Sharing and allow File sharing. THere is an options button where you can allow Appleshare, FTP or windows sharing

    If you want a bit more control over users and access, you could use the Terminal to configure FTP, but an easier way is to download Pure FTP that will let you have more control over FTP

    PureFTPd Manager for Mac OS X
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    Thanks. I did a quick browse of the system preferences. So I turn on file sharing and then click ftp under options. Should the Share Files and Folders button using AFP be checked? Also, when I specify the ip address to the copier for ftp, in the initial set-up, it asks for the path ( on the pc it was "/" ) and then asks for user and password. I am assuming that this is the logon name and password it would need for the ftp, is that correct? Also, it asks for the port #, where would I find that?

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