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    new Extreme won't connect to net
    Hi All
    iMac G5 (PPC) OS 10.5.7
    New-out-of-box Airport Extreme (dual Ghz 09 model). Followed instr. manual and loaded supplied Airport software.
    Won't connect to DSL (attached hardwire) internet on automatic setup
    NOR manual-
    In Manual, go thru the set-up pages:
    1) name, passwords page
    2)"Select what you want to do w/Airport Ex"
    -choose "I want to create a wireless network"
    3) Security settings page - I create password
    PG 4) HERE is where I am stopped dead:
    "Select country..."
    I select (its ALREADY selected) "United States"
    Click "Continue" -
    NOTHING. nada. can't get any further!?

    -resetting/default on Extreme
    -disconnect/reconnect power
    -ditto DSL

    Both my iMac and iTouch appear to SEE the Extreme (ie "The Network"), but Extreme is not seeing the DSL. maybe because I can't complete the manual set-up...

    Stu Aull

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    are you using the assistant to set up (sounds like it)? In manual set up, you'd get a screen through Airport Utilities that shows the various tabs (Summary, Base Station, Wireless, WDS, Access) and icons at the very top for Airport, Internet, Printers, Disks, Advanced.

    I've never had much luck with the Assistant mode of set up, particularly if you're setting up a WDS with an Airport Express (to extend range), which is what I do.

    With DSL, I'm assuming you'll access internet via PPoE in the "Internet" section of the manual setup, and add your user name and p/w from your DSL provider.

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    Thanks Dad
    No - not the Assistant - this is all thru the Airport Utility!! It is the "Assist Me"...mode(?)
    The pages I describe (above) are what is presented to me in this mode.
    If the MANUAL mode is a better work-around, any suggestions where I can find out how to use it??
    Thanks for your interest and prompt reply!

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    the "assist me" is the assistant, or automatic, mode. "Manual" is the one where you go through the tabs inputting your information directly -- this is the method I prefer.

    Check out the Apple "how to's" here: Airport Stuff, especially try the link called "Apple Airport networks" just under the picture of the various airport devices -- this has a good walkthrough of the manual mode setup. Be sure your DSL modem is connected to your Airport Extreme's sole WAN port (not any of the ethernet ports) before you start.

    It's also a good idea to try connecting to the internet directly through your DSL modem (by ethernet to your computer) to verify your internet connection is working fine before you insert the Airport into the equation.

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