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Thread: Time Capsule reliabiliy issues

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    Time Capsule reliabiliy issues
    I have a Time Capsule I bough lastt January, the 500 GB model. It's working fine, I use it to back up my iMac and I am perfectly happy with it. Since I'll be visiting US in January I was thinking to purchase a 2 TB one, since the one I have has approached its capacity limits.

    However, in Apple's site, I have read some horror stories about people whose TC stopped working after only 18 months (or thereabout). I do not want to spend 500 US$ on a device that will last me only 18 months. So what I am asking is:

    How founded are those reports of short life for the TC? Do you guys have experience with ones running longer than that? Or are those rumors just that, rumors?

    Any answer will be greatly appreciated.

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    I've read the same thing again and again. I just got a 500 GB Time Caps a few months ago. I've opted to just watch it carefully. One suggestion that I have found helpful it is elevate it about an inch or so with plastic or rubber legs (4: 1 for each corner) just to allow maximum air flow as many claim the power supply in Time Caps is not as optimal as it could be for cooling.

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    My 500 GB one has been working flawlessly since last February, but it is still a few months away from the "18-months limit".

    Thanks for your input.

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    Mine is now approx 22 months old, still working flawlessly.

    If you're concerned, this might be one of the few times I'd suggest considering the extended warranty.

    Just realize, even a 1-5% failure rate would cause what would seem to be an avalanche of complaints.
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    I am well-aware of the fact that on Internet, most people will post complaints, it's just the nature of the medium. So, no problem there.

    As for the extended warranty, the problem is that I plan to buy the TC from US, while I live in Greece. I do not know how that will affect the warranty cover.

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