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    Time Capsule Question
    I'm trying to re-set-up my time capsule after leaving my partner & bringing all my Mac gear back down to my parents. He set it up in the first instance, and as I wasn't there to see it I really am clueless!

    I don't really know how it works/worked, but I was under the impression that I could just connect it to my Mac Mini via USB & it would register like a standard hard drive & back up. This didn't work - at all, so I'm assuming I'm wrong.

    Can someone please give simple instructions (read: small words) on how to set up my TC on my father's wireless network, preferably without upsetting him (the tricky part!).

    Thank you in advance.

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    This helped me do everything I needed to do.
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    Perhaps also good time to review your requirements for your back up needs. For older versions of files Time Machine does a great job but if Photography is full time and downtime - if Mini has a prob - is critical then a bootable back is best choice. That back up could be connected to your fathers Mac and u could continue working - daughters can always get round fathers. Check out a few of the threads on the Forum and plan for worst case scene, then there will no need for frantic posts here re data recovery.

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    You're right Collin Bl - I've been thinking about it today & the TC's gonna have to go & I'm going to get a standard external hard drive instead.

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