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    Unhappy MacBook doesn't find shared printer that's connected to iMac
    I've got an Intel iMac, and a Mac Book.

    Both are running 10.5.8.

    I've got a Canon all-in-one printer hooked up to the iMac. I've installed the driver needed on the iMac, and the printer works great on the iMac.

    I've turned "Printer Sharing" on on the iMac, but the Mac Book doesn't see the printer anywhere. Yes, the printer is on when I attempt to print from the Mac Book.

    Any suggestions? I'm at my wits-end, I thought this was supposed to be simple...!


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    I think you want to USB connect your printer to your router, not to your iMac. Then OS X's built in Bonjour printer sharing will allow both Macs to use the printer. Try that and simply add the printer as it shows up in the Add Printer window.

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    I don't have a router...I didn't think I need one for printer sharing.

    One of the options under the "Sharing" menu is "Printer Sharing"...and it says "Printer sharing allows other people to use printers connected to this computer."

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    I have done exactly what Spicy describes wanting to do with my HP printer USB connected to my Pismo and have been able to print over the wireless network from my Macbook. After recently moving house, I'm attempting to do the same as before, but to a Pismo I upgraded to G4. I know this worked in the past, 'cause I had it set up that way before the previous move, but now I get the spinning pinwheel when the MB searches for drivers. I'm sure it's got the driver or should be able to find it because, as I said, it has connected this way before.
    It's a similar problem to Spicy's, so I thought I'd just post to this thread already going. First of all, I can confirm that what he wants to do is possible because I've done it successfully. Secondly, I can't figure out why it's not working now.

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