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    Stop MacBook Pro from connecting to iMac at login
    I'm sure (ok, I'm hoping) this is a nice easy one for you. I just got a new MacBook Pro for Christmas. I've been playing around with connecting to my iMac wirelessly. Everything is good - no problems. I even got it so it looks for the "server" automatically when I login on the MBP.

    I recently noticed that the name of the iMac added a "(2)" to the name. I changed it back to the original name without the (2). Now when the MBP boot/logs it says it can't find iMac (2).

    What do I need to change to make it stop looking for and attempting to connect to "iMac (2)"?



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    Did you make an alias (shortcut) to something on the iMac and add it to the login items for your account? If so delete it from the login items and recreate it with the correct name.

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    System Preferences >
    Network >
    in the Show drop down box select Airport >
    there should be an Airport tab, select it >
    There will be a "By Default, Join" drop down box, select preferred networks >
    there you can delete your iMac's network out

    i am running OS X.4.11 however the steps should be similar.

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