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    Airport card not working - replace?
    I own a Powerbook G4 that I recently left overnight in a freezing car. (I know. I know. I'll never do that again.) I was able to reboot it once and noticed the Airport card wasn't being recognized. Then the harddrive crashed and I had it replaced. ($200 later...) I just rebooted it with the new harddrive and I'm still getting the message 'Airport Card not installed.'

    My first question is: Is it possible that I froze and killed the Airport card along with the harddrive? Or could it be software or connection related?

    Second question: Do I take it to someone to diagnose the dead Airport card and have it replaced for and additional $200+? Or is there another product that I can purchase to connect to the internet via wireless without having the Airport Card removed?

    Or do I just cut my losses and purchase a new laptop... I've never had ANY problems before this though. Ugh.



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    Hey Stacey, it's time for a new Macbook anyway. Sometimes these little nudges happen for a reason. Treat yourself.

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    Depending on the vintage of Powerbook u may be able to get the card out easily and clean contacts wait for a while and re insert in the hope that it may have been moisture related.

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