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    Help with AN ATV
    Opened up my new Apple TV but cannot work out this streaming thing ! If I download all my music etc on to the hard drive its all there and plays really well ....But if I go through the stages to computer settings . select add shared library I cant enter the generated number unless I select the connect to Itunes panal above and this losses all the music etc on the hard drive Been going around in circles for last 3 hours and the wifes getting a little unhappy (to say the least) !

    Please any help......or it goes back tomorrow..

    Also the remote ....any way to switch it off from operating on the lap top whilst using it on the ATV.


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    I think you may need to give a bit more info, but... it sounds like you might be mixing up syncing and streaming. Are you trying to do both on one computer possibly? You can sync to one computer only. Every time you sync to one, and then use the Apple menu to sync to another, it removes everything previously there and replaces it with the new system you are syncing to. Make sure you are adding new computers via streaming -vs- syncing. You should be able to set up streaming on another computer via the iTunes Preferences > Apple TV panel and selecting the option to "Look for Apple TV's". Then close the preferences panel. It should appear in the left hand column with a "click here to connect" type message. You then enter the number to start streaming. Remember you can EITHER sync OR stream from a computer - not both. And, you can only sync to one computer. Unless you hack it, which is verboten topic here. Good luck!
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