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    Exclamation I'm having trouble connecting my 10.6 macbook pro to my xbox 360
    Basically here is my problem, I'm running snow leopard on my macbook pro, and i also have an xbox 360 and i refuse to purchase the wireless adapter for it, and i know that it is possible to share my internet connection to my xbox, however i have been trying for several days using some guides that i have found online, i do all of the steps listed and when i try to connect, it connects to the network but does not connect to the internet, please help me, i think the problem might be that i am running snow leopard and i haven't found a tutorial for that.

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    I understand what you are trying to do, but then you've got to wonder do you really want to keep your MBP running while your XBOX is on Xbox Live? And if indeed you've tried for the last few days to get it to work, isn't the price of the WiFi adapter worth it to alleviate that?

    Now, know that if you don't want to fork over for the X360 WiFi adapter at $100 or whatever it is, you can use the adapter from the original XBOX as well. You can get these for as little as $25 on eBay..


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    Yeah I myself tried to do this at one point and was having a problem doing so. Solution: I paid for the WIFI adapter and fixed the problem in about 3 seconds lol.

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