Trying to determine the responsible item or items for the insane slowdown of my wireless connection.
Specs: MPB late 2006 15" rest is in my sig

Problems : When i had tiger installed I would get near Ethernet speeds from my airport wireless connection . 28-30 mbs down and 6-8 mbs upstream . Router is a Linksys Wireless-IEEE 802.11n (draft) the signal strength is excellent .

I have just resurrected this Laptop recently as i had a problem trying to install boot camp prior (user error not sp2) which locked me out and required me to remove the hard drive and format it for the mac to boot from anything . With all that said and done prior to that operation I had tiger installed and always had insane transfer speeds in both osx and windoze .

Whats interesting is that in windoze xp pro the router is now listed at a speed of 130 mps as opposed to 54 prior with tiger installed . Was excited when i saw this until my max D/L speed now is between 1-1.5 mps down but the upload is normal anywhere between 5-8 mps

Airport connection


Was getting same with airport connection prior to snow install

I have updated with all available updates from apple after snow leopard install and have checked a few times after again . Still no difference , is this a problem with snow leopard ?

thanks for any insight