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    I've downloaded quite a lot of old camcorder footage onto the MBP and the time machine is taking too long to back up. The back up is about 40gb and is taking forever. I have left everything on over night and still no where near.

    Is there a lead i can get that will make the process quicker.

    i've tried a cat5 lead and usb to usb. still no quicker.

    Any help would be great.


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    Connecting via ethernet cable should help. Perhaps you'll need to turn off the Airport to force the backup via Ethernet. Make sure it's a regular cable and not a crossover cable.

    If you're using a Time Capsule, USB to USB is not an option. The USB on the TC is an output, not an input. Actually, I'm not sure where you'd find a cable that you could physically use to connect them.

    If you're using some other USB drive besides the Time Capsule, then make sure you're not using a an old USB hub which is not USB 2.0 compliant. Ancient USB 1.0 devices still work with new hardware, but they are very slow.

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    Ethernet is faster, but if it's not an option then try firewire either 400 or 800. 800 is faster. It's what I use and I backed up about 80 or 90gb in just an hour or two to an external.

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