I am having the most bizarre issue and any help will be much appreciated. The problem is trying to visit my company's OWA site. The following is happening:
1) My Powerbook loads the page perfectly when not behind my FIOS router
2) My PC, using Ethernet, loads the page perfectly when behind my FIOS router
3) My Powerbook and my iMac will NOT connect via Ethernet or wirelessly when behind the FIOS router.

I thought that it had to be a Router issue but the PC has no problem.

I thought is might be a OWA to Mac issue but the Mac works when not going through FIOS.

Both Powerbook and iMac can access all other regular browsing sites on the web.

Seems that there is something going on between Mac, FIOS and OWA. So far, OWA admin has been no help and neither has Verizon. I'll try the genius bar next.

Oh, one more thing, I've tried some different settings on the router without success.