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    PowerMac G5 Airport extreme card
    Firstly hello to everyone.

    I have recently bought a PowerMac G5 dual core 2ghz. I also bought an airport extreme card as this did not come with it.

    My problem is that when I installed the extreme card, all went well. The card was recognised, it could find the wireless networks and everything was good. I turned the machine off overnight and when turning back on again in the morning, the airport card has turned itself off.

    I tried to turn this back on and it wont do it. I have done some searching on here and tried some of the solutions, unfortunately none of these worked. These include creating another airport profile, uninstalling everything and re-installing, re-seating, cleaning and checking the card and antenna connection.
    I am running 10.5.8 latest updates. The card is recognised in the system profiler? Can anyone help please?

    Would be sooo grateful.

    Thanks very much
    Kind regards

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    welcome to the forum.
    Do u have this icon in the Menubar;

    Click for full size

    If not go to System Prefs/Network/ select airport in left pane and check status in menubar box

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    And if the Airport Extreme did work, you have a Dual Processor machine, not Dual Core, which require an Airport/Bluetooth Combo Card which is an Apple install product only.

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