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    Lightbulb Will this frugal use of Airport Express work?
    Have been using my new Airport Express to feed iMac and web music to the stereo in another room away from the computer. Works great.

    I access DSL via firewire to my SpeedStream modem.

    Now I am contemplating this: Since we never need the stereo music and the TV at the same time, why don't I simply move the AE back and forth between the computer table and the stereo room, using it at the iMac to wirelessly connect to the web so I can also web-connect with Roku (or similar) at the TV in the stereo room? Mode 1, Mode 2. With one Airport Express.

    The labor is not much, and the plan is suitable for our type of TV and music use.

    Main question is whether I use the same network I already set up, connecting to the web via the iMac's Airport menu, and need to do nothing else. Or is it more complicated than that? I am hoping the already set up security settings and all will take care of things using the Express this way too.

    Of course, if I find this works well I may get a second Airport Express someday. Or maybe not ... the $99 would buy a good supply of spare ribs for our barbecue too.

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    I love ribs as much as the next guy, but you can find one on Fleabay for under 50 smackers. Seems like a lot of work for that small of an investment. Eat burgers instead of ribs twice and it is paid for

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    Today I ran the test. I moved the Airport Express to the computer room and easily connected wirelessly to the net with it. Then removed it, reverted to firewire-to-modem, and returned it to the stereo table in another room. Under a minute, I would say.

    So that will do the trick, when I get a Roku. Probably in January. And later on will decide whether we really do need two AE's to achieve happiness.

    Roku is more than paid for by my decision not to upgrade from Tiger to Snow Leopard. I'll wait until I hear that the wireless connectivity issues are resolved.

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