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    Internet Cuts Out on my Macbook
    Here is what happens. Quite recently, as in since yesterday morning, the internet on my laptop has been cutting out.

    What happens is my internet connection will just drop - any page that is loading will fail. But then if I go up to the AirPort and turn it off and then turn it on again and then refresh the page it will work... and it will keep working until it randomly cuts out again. in which case i'll repeat the process...

    also sometimes my internet will just pause - the webpage won't load at all - and then it will fail. but then if i refresh the page it might load quickly like it usually should.

    I am connecting to a 2wire router. My mom's laptop also uses this internet, along with my dad's PC. I've never had this problem before until recently. Anyone know what is wrong?

    In fact! right when i originally posted this, i pressed the button to post it, and it just loaded for a few minutes and then this page appeared:

    and then i went and turned off my airport and turned it on again, and went back to post this and it worked just the way it should

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    Could depend on a number of factors but have a look at this in case it helps. If not get back with where u are, what OS, what ISP and what is giving out the wireless network. If u have 2 routers in series that could give issues as well.

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