Hello, I've purchased my first Mac (The entry-level MacBook) last Sunday. So far, I have been loving it! It's surely the best notebook I have ever used. Up until 30 minutes ago, I have had no problems at all..

I have a DL-524 router that has always been a pain. Just today, my Mac disconnected from the network. Since then, the internet has been hit/miss. I can connect to the router sometimes after rebooting, but then it'll just disconnect once I try to go on Firefox with the "Firefox can't find server at www.google.ca" message. I noticed first I had "Work Offline" checked, so I turned that off. No difference.

Basically, I can sometimes connect to the router, but if I can, it just disconnects when I try to do online things (Web browsing, Skype, iChat, etc). Sometimes I manage to get on Firefox, but then within a minute or 2 it's back to disconnecting.

Please help ASAP! This is killing me


-3 computers connected via Ethernet. One with Windows, 2 with Linux. All work fine.

-HP Laptop running Linux has no problems

-Only the MacBook is currently giving me trouble.