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    Bluetooth tethering quit working
    Hi everyone-
    Have owned my MacBook for almost exactly a year now. Have owned a Blackberry 8330 for about 16 months. When I bought my MacBook I called Verizon and added the tethering service to my wireless plan. They helped me (or maybe I searched around on the internet and learned from other folks) set up the computer and phone to work together. I have been tethering via bluetooth flawlessly since then. About 2 months ago I upgraded my Mac OS to 10.6.1. Still no problems with tethering. Then all of a sudden about a week ago the tethering quit working. When I click on the little phone icon at the top of the screen, it tries to connect via bluetooth (says connecting.......), but is unable to connect and pops up a message box telling me that my settings must be off and I need to verify them. I don't know how this could have happened because I haven't downloaded or upgraded anything recently. I called Verizon and spent about 2 hours on the phone with them, but they were unable to help me. I searched all over the web and have read about a zillion write-ups on how to configure your Mac and Blackberry to work together, but every one of the write-ups at some point have you going into the network preferences, choosing the bluetooth device, and configuring it. This is where I run into my problem. At this point you have to choose a "vendor", and in everyone else's write-ups the Mac OS has given them the option to choose either "Research In Motion" or "Other". On mine, none of the "vendor" options are correct and it doesn't give me an option to select "other". The first time I looked in this menu, it had defaulted to "franklin" as the vendor. Why? I don't know. I left it like that, input the correct phone #, password, and account name as given to me by Verizon, but still no luck on connecting. My phone and MacBook are paired; just not connecting. Any ideas how to get a correct "vendor"? Or is this even necessary?

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    Well, I fixed it. All I had to do was download Blackberry Desktop Manager and connect my BB to the Mac via USB. Then I went in to reconfigure my "vendor" and the new Research In Motion option was available, and the phone model appeared in the next box as Blackberry IP CDMA. I applied these settings and voila, it works!

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