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    MacBook Airport connection Problem
    Hey all,

    To make a long story short, my 2007 Imac was always connecting fine with its wireless, all of a sudden, i had to run network diagnosis every time i would turn the machine on, or it would go to sleep, otherwise it wouldnt connect on its own... it said that an error occurred.

    Now i just got a macbook, AND it does the same right off the bat, the difference... it wont connect at all, not even running the network diagnosis, while my imac still does (using it right now

    I really dont know what the heck this is, the other pc laptop connects juuust fine, without any kind of trouble... actually every other pc in the house is online just like that!

    I thank you very much in advantage, this is driving me nuts...


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    How many clients does your router 'accept' wirelessly? If you connect your MB via ethernet, does it connect with no issues?

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    Try setting up a Location for each of the places you use the most and leave Automatic for roaming. When doing settings include Primary and Secondary DNS numbers for that ISP, if they don't show up automatically, see here;

    Click for full size

    and here

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