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Thread: AEX frustration

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    Dec 17, 2009
    AEX frustration
    Hi guys. First post here so apologies if I tread over old ground here. I have an annoying problem and I hope I can get an answer.

    My setup is a macbook pro, A bt homehub 2.0 and an Airport Express.
    The AEX is hardwired to my bthomehub via an ethernet cable. This is because all I want the aex to do is send out my music via the optical out to my active speakers. I dont want the AEx to output wireless as the bthomehub does this.

    Ok simple so far I hope.

    I did the setup and selected it for no wireless and ethernet connection, did the update and I get no recognition on my macbook of any AEX.
    Is this setup possible as it doesnt seem to work and I get no option in my bottom right of itunes to change to my remote speakers?

    I have the preferences set to search for remote speakers btw.

    Before this I did have the AEX pumping out wireless too and it would work for like 3 days then stop and airport utilities would say it couldnt find any apple devices, even though my wireless selection in the top right corner could see my AEX!!! Odd eh? But then change to my AEX in the top right selection and it would work again.
    I have decided though I dont want 2 wireless devices as there is no need. Hence me turning off the AEX wireless.

    Im sure this is all finger trouble and would love a simple guide or walkthrough in basic steps to achieve this, what should be, very simple setup

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    Dec 17, 2009
    no, it's not possible. The ethernet port on the Express allows you to extend a wireless network to a wired device, but you can't plug it into a switch as you've done.

    Why not just use the AE as a wireless router and plug it into your speakers? I have several in my house doing this exact thing.

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