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    Mobile Broadband Not Working On Macbook Pro

    I have mobile broadband with tmobile which I have been using with no problems with my old macbook.

    However, I have a new MacBook pro that doesn't seem to like my mobile broadband at all! 95% of the time, when I plug in the usb it either:

    1) Doesn't connect at all
    2) The tmobile says its connected but when I bring up the browser it says its not connected
    3) It connects for a few minutes before disconnecting

    If I put it back into my macbook it works fine! I will not have this one for long though so need to figure out how to get it to work with my macbook pro.

    Whenever I plug in the USB it brings up a box saying something about certain things not configured (can't remember exact words) and to go to network connections. Didn't have to do this with macbook so don't know if I am supposed to do something. The instructions with the broadband don't help at all.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know how I can solve it??
    Many thanks for any help

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    You may need to go to the manufacturer's site and download a drive for it.
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