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Thread: access mac mini from windows laptop

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    access mac mini from windows laptop
    I have a mac mini with no monitor,keyboard and mouse. I want to access mini and run programs and do development from my windows laptop. I tried logmein free yesterday and it worked fine with little slow speed. Most of the time I will be doing this development at home, So I was wondering if there is any better solution to connect to mac mini on the same network so that speed is faster.
    Also I havent tried VNC but I read about it. Is that better than logmein in security and speed wise?
    Thanks in advance

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    Speed will be like that when going PC to Mac. I bet it's a wireless connection, too, eh?

    Get an Apple wireless mouse and keyboard, use your PC as a screen, work directly on the Mini.
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    If you are on the same network, then VNC is your best bet for speed. Enable Screen Sharing on the Mac and grab a vnc viewer for Windows (I use Tightvnc) and point it at the Mac to get logged in and using.

    To access the Mac remotely, there's also Hamachi, a lightweight personal VPN that can be used in conjunction with VNC. Logmein bought Hamachi and the latest version (hamachi2) only supports Windows, so you'll have to use the older version..


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