can the airport in a macbook unibody be set to monitor mode?
ie, for packet capture
i am attempting to make use of wireshark and i have no options under the network interface window;

EDIT: if anyone is curious i got it working;
its very easy actually if you are using leopard;
the binary distro for wireshark comes with some prefabricated files that take care of changing the airport to monitor/capture packets;
i am a complete noob however and had a problem copying the files to /usr/local/bin
i was trying to do it through terminal, but couldnt commit to anything because i didnt want to F something up;
but i found out you can find /usr/local/bin by going to "go" and then "go to file" i think, in finder;
basically its just a hidden directory and i havent bothered to unhide everything in finder;
so if anyone downloads the disk image of wireshark, just make sure you read the readme file and follow the instructions explicitly;
any more questions or if someone would like to share knowledge of wireshark use, my email is