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    Home phone interrupts Airport Extreme?
    Ok, so Im a newbie here but maybe someone can help me out.

    I recently bought an Airport Extreme to use as my wireless base station in the house. I use At&t DSL as well as At&t home phone service. So I have my DSL running from the modem (provided to me from At&t) to the Extreme, which then runs directly to a Compaq PC. Now we also have a 24inch iMac, a 13inch Macbook Pro, an Acer Laptop and 2 PS3's running off of the wireless network in the house. I've had no problem with any of these devices as far as being able to access the network and internet. But the one problem we are having is that any time the home phone (which I dont have exact model info with me, Im at work currently) is accessed and in use we lose internet on all devices running off of the wireless. Now, I did do a search here on the forums to see if there was anyone else having a similar problem and I did find a thread where someone was asking about possible interference and I wasnt sure if it would be best to resurrect that thread or create a new one, so I apologize if I should have done option 1 haha.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    When I get home I'll get the home phone specs to further help anyone who needs it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your home phone is probably the 2.4Ghz type as is your wireless network and your phone is in the same frequency band as your wireless network. This has been an issue for years. You can manually change the channel on your router but the phone may still jump on it. I used to have this issue as well. I solved it by switching to a better home phone setup initially using 5.8Ghz range and then going up to the new 6Ghz range. No more problem.

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    You can also change the channel your Airport Extreme runs on, which varies the signal slightly. Additionally, if the cordless base is near your AE, move it elsewhere.
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