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Thread: Connection Kit extension cord wrong type?

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    Dec 06, 2009
    Connection Kit extension cord wrong type?
    Well, I went ahead and bought the Express Stereo Connection Kit, arrived today and now our stereo plays our new Airport Express music just fine.

    But ... oddly, the extension cord on the AE end is the two round hole type, no way for it to connect to the AE's flip out standard American connectors. I phoned Apple Store customer service and the agent had no useful information on that problem, just suggested I send the whole thing back. I told her that I would prefer to send the bad extension back and get a replacement if there is one. Maybe it is really an extension for some other product, or maybe it is for European sales or something.

    Or maybe I am just missing something obvious?

    Probably the fact is, I got myself a real nice $39 analog audio cable.

    Since the extension probably is worth little anyway.

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    Dec 06, 2009
    And now I see on the box the kit came in, a depiction of the two-hole connector. So we know it was not a wrong item in the right box. Either the wrong box, or they are all that way and an adapter might be in order. Will check on that later, perhaps. But more importantly, we are enjoying the exceptional audio from streaming radio stations now on our stereo for the first time. Time to get away from monitor-staring and settle down for some parlor music in an easy chair.

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    Know it took me at least 15 minutes to figure out what you were talking about.

    See the picture.

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    Dec 06, 2009
    Thanks. I figured there must be an explanation. I will go back and see if they have that in the printed material sent. May not need it with the setup I have now which is fairly uncluttered looking, and the Express seems not to mind where I place it and the power strip, works well set anywhere around those wires and appliances. Still enjoying the music quality.

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