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    Netgear WNR 2000 - signal is low or doesn't register at all
    Netgear WNR 2000 - Would you be able to help?

    This is my second day on this forum and I have been trying to get information regarding my Netgear WNR 2000. Frist let me say that I am not computer savvy and I don't know all the terms and lingo so please bear with me.

    I purchased the Netgear WNR 20000 from bestbuy after the "g" series did not reach the bedroom. We have the router in our living room connected to a PC which works fine and we were trying to have the signal reach our bedroom which is about 30 - 50 feet away and the signal is low or doesn't register at all.

    I am not sure what do to. The netgear (4 port - I think "g" series worked fine in the pass and when we purchased an upgraded system "G-something" it didn't work and we were told by the technician that the router might be a defect and should purchase the N unit. Was I tricked?

    I am at lost here and not sure what do. I would greatly appreciate if you can help. THank you.


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    The "N" series doesn't necessarily mean that it will have greater range, unless you're using an "N" based adapter. Depending on the age of your Mac, it may not have such a card.

    As with most wireless devices, the effective range depends greatly on the placement of the base station. Generally speaking, you want to have it as central to your home as possible, and as high up as possible. You also want to keep it far away from other wireless devices (cordless phone bases, baby monitors, etc). You also want to keep it away from microwave ovens.

    Additionally, the configuration of the router is important. You want to use WPA security (not WEP) and be sure to experiment with the different channels (which vary the frequency it operates on slightly). This is particularly important if you have neighbors with wireless routers.

    And finally, I don't recommend Netgear products at all. This is a personal bias, but Netgear is owned by Nortel, which I am not a fan of (nor are they known as a networking vendor). Stick with D-Link or Linksys if you can.

    More information is available here:
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    I'd echo cwa107's points: An 'n' class router will only work with 'n' class products - therefore, unless you have a laptop/PC/apple product that is capable of receiving on the 'n' range there is no point shelling out more dollars...

    I recently installed a Netgear product (a/b/g/n capable) into a client's home who also wished to integrate an AEX(n) and TC (dual band) onto a network that included both Apple and Windows hardware -although successful, the Netgear's performance as a purely g/b wireless router was average - a separate wireless network from the apple TC was setup from the Netgear for clarification

    Having said that, having setup a 'dual' network (i.e the apple products transmitting/receiving on 'n' through the TC (5GHz), and all others through the Netgear router on a/g/b on 2.4 GHz), it is working and extending the range as promised - takes some configuration and a few expletives, but does what it says on the tin...

    Without bias, my recommendation would be a Draytek Vigo or similar ( Review DrayTek Vigor 2820Vn VPN Wireless-N Annex M ADSL 2+ Router, VoIP, Dual WAN, 3G Support (V2820VN)) if available in the US, to achieve the best results.

    If money is tight, take in all that cwa107 has explained as they are gems that are often overlooked for optimum performance.

    Good luck!

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