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    Music to stereo via iMac's iTunes
    I am thinking of feeding music from the iMac to our home stereo amp. The iMac uses no wireless connections at present, but would connect with the stereo via an Airport Express box plugged in next to the stereo. Am I right that nothing else would be needed in this case, just the AE unit and a connection cable between the stereo Auxiliary and an AE output jack? I understand from the Apple video how to guide iTunes to find and work with the AE unit.

    Nothing needed at the iMac but iTunes? Is it that simple?

    Any tips appreciated.

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    It really is that simple. As long as the iMac can see the Express you are good to go. You will just select the Express in iTunes and you will have music streaming to it. Works great. Look at Airfoil if you want to stream other audio from the iMac to the stereo.

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    Thanks. One slight concern (after seeing a few appliance related problems on the forum) is that I have a wireless phone system throughout the house and the base is in the same room as the iMac. The specs show DECT 6.0, freq range 1.92 GHz to 1.93GHz. RF transmission power 115mv max.

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    (Reply to self) But now that I have actually studied the specs better, seems the Express operates at 2 something and 5 something so can avoid that sort of problem probably, especially if it decides, or I ask it, to operate at the higher frequency. May go get an AE at the local Best Buy today if they have it, lugging my present cable along to see if it fits the audio output port. Been running my Sansa Fuze player into the home stereo receiver via the auxiliary RCA jacks, with mini-jack into the Fuze, and that might actually work with the AE if I am lucky. An older receiver, by the way.

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