I recently brought a 1.5 TB HD and I though, hey, I put it in my chassi to connect it to my Airport Extreme. But I soon found out that my chassi only can manage 1TB HD, wich was not the best news I could get

So, I am looking for a good solution to my little problem, I can always sell my HD, but I would first look for options to connect it to the network so I can use it for BU and Media storage (sounds like and awesome plane to me)

I need your help for a good solution
Do you guys know a good way to connect a HD to the network with a network cable (since USB-speed isn't the most efficiently and not really that reliable)

so maybe a small server or a chassi that you can connect with a network cable =)

would like an URL to the chassi/server so I can check it out =)

thanks in advance! =)