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    Old dome airport extreme and 802.11n?
    I have an old style dome airport extreme with 802.11g. Currently on our wireless network are a G4 tower and a G3 MacBook with Airport cards installed. My daughter's Dell laptop needs 802.11n. What is the best way to upgrade this wireless network so that all 3 computers can have Internet access via wireless?

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    Check out the Dual Antenna Extreme or Dual Antenna Time Capsule. That way the slowest will not set the system to 11g even if is 11n capable. Apple units fall back to the slowest unit connected.

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    Do remember, that Dell does not have to have Wireless N to work. It will work just fine on your old Apple G router. If you want the Dell to have N though, there are many good routers out there. Colin mentioned 2 and another great one is the Dlink DIR-655. Many on Mac Forums use that Dlink and love it.

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