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    Remotely access network drive through Mac mini?
    Attempting to avoid the purchase of a hardware based VPN solution. All I want to accomplish is remote access to my NAS (DNS-323). This would be simple enough if I could just share the mounted drive through my Mac mini. Here's what I have:

    Software VPN solution via Hamachi (free), which allows me to securely connect to my Mac mini from my Macbook anywhere in the world. All local resources such as external USB drives, Mac mini hard drive, etc are shared and can be accessed without any issues. I can even share my Mac mini screen and control it via the same connection (quick alternative to Logmein). I just need to figure out how to share that mounted network drive on the Mac mini and my problem is solved and I save myself a couple hundred bucks.

    Does anyone know of a way to share mounted network drives? Creating an alias on the desktop just results in a failure message stating the resource is either inaccessible or doesn't exist.


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    you can have the NAS mount on startup. Does it allow you to access thru the Mini when it's mounted?

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