Hi All

How do I configure my new Buffalo Ethernet Adaptor to connect to my own wireless network, and not that of my neighbours?

I've bought this Adaptor in the hope that it will be better than the Airport card in my Macbook 10.4 at picking up the wireless signal from my house (I work in an office in the garden). The software that came with the Adaptor doesn't work on Mac, so I just plugged the unit in with an ethernet cable and - hey presto - success! The Adaptor found a wireless network automatically, my Macbook recognised the Adaptor no problem, and I can now turn off my Airport, and get internet access via the Adaptor.

The trouble is, I don't know which wireless network the Adaptor is connected to! I don't think it's my home network, as I don't recognise the details on my Network utility. And before I got the Adaptor, I often connected to other wireless networks, whose signals were stronger than mine and which didn't need a password.

I've read all sorts of stuff about possibly having to set a static IP address on my Macbook or something, but I'm very reluctant to mess around with this stuff without advice about my specific problem. I wouldn't want to change my normal wireless settings, that's for sure, as I take my computer into the house at the end of the day and access the internet there wirelessly, as normal. Also, my wife uses her Macbook in this way regularly, and I wouldn't want to mess up her settings!

Any advice very gratefully received!