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Thread: Router/networking question

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    Router/networking question
    Let me start by stating that I am a networking rookie. So, with that said, here is my situation and question.

    I currently have my Mac Pro setup in my bedroom with an airport extreme router. The router is hard wired to my computer and to other components (satellite receiver, xbox 360, printer, etc.) We use the wireless for our iPhones and Mac book pro. I am wanting to move my computer into another bedroom/office. However, I want to keep my router where it is because of the wires running to my satellite receiver and xbox. I want to keep these hard wired because of the speed and stability. However, I want to move my printer in the office with the computer and want it hard wired as well. Would I be able to buy another airport extreme and include it in my current network? If so, would I need another internet box or could I link all to the one I currently have? How would I go about setting this scenario up. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to read this and respond. Many thanks.

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    Hi There,

    not sure I totally understand here. Let me get this straight...

    Bed Room
    - Modem???
    - Airport Extreme Router
    - Satellite Receiver (Using Ethernet)
    - xBox 360 (Using Ethernet)

    - Printer (network enabled - Ethernet plug)
    - Macbook Pro??

    - iPhones over wireless 802.11g/n
    - Macbook Pro (same one for use in the office?)

    If this is your setup I would get an Airport Express and set it up to extend the network placing it in the office. Run the Macbook wireless and plug the printer into the USB port on the Airport Express (assuming the printer has USB). Not sure if the Ethernet port on the Airport Express can be used for an IP printer or not but there is probably a way fi you have to do it that way.

    Hope this helps

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    You can keep the router in the room (assuming it's plugged in with the modem), and if you can wait, you can buy an AirPort Extreme card for your Mac Pro, so your Mac Pro can connect to your Base Station wirelessly.

    Wi-Fi card

    AirPort Express

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    I have a more basic question.

    My daughter's frien di svisting with her new macbook pro. Unibody, no battery removal door of any kind I can find.

    I have used the mac address filter to block access to our wireless network. I have several pc & macbooks hooked up and they work great.

    trouble is I do not know where to look for the arirport/mac address number on this laptop with no battery to peek under that does not seem to have the number on the back of the case either?

    opefully a simple question, thanks for th assit


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    Mac Book Pro's battery removal door is on the underside along the same edge as the trackpad. But you don't have to go through that trouble to get the Airport card MAC address. instead do the following:
    1. Boot her MacBook Pro and open the Network preference pane.
    2. Click the Airport symbol in the left pane then choose the "Advanced button in the far right.
    3. In a moment a new screen will appear. The card's mac ID is at the bottom of the screen listed as Airport ID.

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