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Thread: Wireless Internet Problem

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    Unhappy Wireless Internet Problem
    I have a 2007 MBP running Mac 10.5.8, running off wireless as well as hardwired cable modem.

    The internet most of the time works fine, but it happens maybe every so often the internet doesn't work and wireless is dropped. I usually have to restart the router to get the connection again? Why is that? I am using firefox and I believe it is a net gear wireless router I am not sure of the model, its in a room mates room and it gets aggravating to have to ask to have it restarted all the time. Anything I am doing wrong? I don't understand. Please help.

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    Nothing you do should cause the router to need rebooting. But they do get flakey every now and then. I've had to reboot my Airport Extreme only twice in three years. But I remember I had to reboot my previous D-Link a lot more often than that. I think your best bet would be to get a different router.

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    Thanks much appreciated, any suggestions?

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