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    Sharing Airport to Virtual XP
    You would think this would be so simple, yet it is a nightmare.

    I have Mac OSX 10 on a mackbook pro, with parallels, and an XP virtual machine.

    All I want to do is share the airport wireless connection to the XP side.

    I have Internet sharing set up to share Airport.

    And in parallels I have my machine configured to Bridged networking on the airport adapter.

    It refuses to work.

    I've tried every permutation on the Mac preferences sharing side, and in the parallels configuration side and it will not just work.

    Does anyone know the exact settings or why I'm having this problem?

    And the was working a few days ago and just stopped.

    I want to throw this thing, out the window.

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    Maybe someone tampered with some unknown setting. Or try contacting Apple and Parallels for support.

    17" MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

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