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    weak network strength

    I have a 6 mth old time capsule which puts out a network to my imac intell in the same room and at he other end of the house (25 metres or 8 yards) my sons imac G5 sometimes has a full signal (on the fan) and sometimes has a low signal and sometimes he cannot connect. About the centre I have 'bridged' an airport express which has not assisted. our next door neighbors have airports - are they blasting us off the air??

    should i add a bridge with another airport extreme??

    thanks in advance for any advice.


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    What OS are you using that has issues and are you on ADSL and seems to me that 8 yards is about 7 metres. Used to have 2 older extremes to cover the distance that one of the newer gigabit extremes does easily and that must have been 20 metres.

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