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    Connecting Powerbook to Network
    I just inherited a 15" Powerbook G4, and I have a mini current gen. When I start the powerbook, it finds my Airport network, asks me for the password which I put in, and it says it's connected (green light in Prefs->Network). When I open Safari, it can't load a page. I run Network Diagnostics, and it gets to the point where it asks if I'm using a DSL or cable modem (I am) and it tells me to reset it, which I do, but it still won't work. What am I doing wrong? I don't understand why, if I'm connected to my network, I can't get online.

    As a bit of an aside, when I try and unlock the little lock in Network Prefs, it asks for my admin name and password. I put in my user name and password, and I get an error message. It let me change my password, so I know it's right. Is it possible that my admin name is not my user name? If so, is there a way to find out the admin name, because I know the password!

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    I do not know how the set up you're system .
    I am admin but still if I try to open a lock it ask me for a password

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