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Thread: macbook being funny...

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    Unhappy macbook being funny...
    Hi folks, writing this from my phone so apologies for poor spelling, structure and the like.

    I have had my macbook for two years now. The entry level white one. it's been near enough faultless minus a couple of small issues.

    Recently I have had serious problems connecting to the internet. It's always been fine at home on our bt homehub but I recently came to Australia and it did not connect in Glasgow, Heathrow or Sydney airports, not even to the connection screen you normally get for bt openzone.

    Now I am in Australia and it wont connect to the belkin router at the house where I am staying. My phone connects fine but not the Mac.

    I'm 4 hours from a Mac store and despite airport apparently being on I'm still lost.

    Help! Diagnostics is no help at all.

    Cheers, stu.

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    I assume that you have Airport turned on.

    What are your Network settings? (/System Preferences/Network/Airport)

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    im having the same openzone problem. connects but no landing page so i cant access the internet

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