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Doug b 11-18-2009 02:42 PM

Suddenly, proxy server only partially works
Before having installed Snow Leopard, I was either using Hotspot Shield, or just some free proxy I.P. addresses with zero problems when trying to connect to Netflix, Pandora or Slacker Radio. Now however, Hotspot Shield is just choking after being connected after about thirty seconds, and web pages will only open after it disconnects, YET.. it's not truly disconnected unless I totally exit the program. And even then, at times, it won't exit because it's stuck in some sort of connection limbo. I can only force quit it.

There will be a time to time instance though, where I'm able to have it connect to the netflix server and get it to the point of where it's querying the Movie server (for a play now movie) but then it will just hang on the red screen. And theeen... I can futz with it a bit, by disconnecting and reconnecting and then refreshing the page, and it MIGHT actually work.

As for manually configuring a proxy server, I've done this many times with success, and the thing is.. it actually still works for sites such as this one, and other regular websites, but, Netflix also just gets to the point of where it's loading the movie, and never gets any further.

I've tried creating another 'location' in Network settings, as well as configuring the proxy settings in both OS X preferences AND in Firefox. I've tried it all. Nothing seems to get through to the Netflix servers.

I've looked at 'the google' for anything pertaining to SL and proxy issues, and have found some relevant information, but nothing that exactly matches what I'm experiencing.

So if anybody has any useful advice or info, I'd love to get your feedback before re installing plain Ol' Leopard again, just to see if SL truly is the issue.

Thanks !


Doug b 11-18-2009 07:05 PM

BUMP. Don't want to downgrade.

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