If there is anyone out there that can help me with this problem that would be great. I purchased a new PC in August and my wife purchased a Macbook pro a week later. I also have a wireless router. The Macbook is connected to the network wirelessly and the PC connection is wired. Up until recently I couldn't get either computer to "see" each other. I found that I had to make a reg edit to my PC now running Win 7 in order for me to login to the Mac from the PC. I cannot however see the PC from the Macbook. I can't do anything on the network from the Mac except browse the internet. I am running Snow Leopard on the MacBook Pro. My final goal here is to be able to print from my MacBook . The printer is connected to the PC. I have installed the Mac drivers on the MacBook. Since I cannot see the PC from the Mac at all I figured that should be first then after I get them seeing each other I can move on to printing. I will take ANY suggestions. I am quite frustrated on this project and since I am a full time IT Support student and work a full time job this project has been constantly been pushed to the back burner. I now turn it over to you. Thanks and I will check back daily to answer ANY questions.