New user, had a search but to no avail, so be gentle with me.
I'm using Admit One to connect a handful of Macs to a MES Network.
I've got just one Mac (with a new user) that doesn't want to connect to any network devices.
I can ping everything I want to connect to but when I click on any network device in a Finder window I get a "Connection Failed" and clicking on "Connect As..." does nothing.
I think it might have something to do with a recent change of IPs which has meant we've changed our prefered DNS to a different range.
Is there somewhere in Admit One where I need to reflect these changes or is there something more simple that I'm missing?
I've cleared Keychains, I've reset network connections, I've changed and reset permissions and privileges at the server end, I've logged in as an administrator account both to the Mac itself and when prompted to enter a new Keychain and when given the option to "Connect As..." at first boot, but all to no avail.
Any ideas other than "revert to using PCs in that department" or "get rid of the MES" would be gratefully received.
I'm a Mac user at home so you can talk geek to me, I've just never networked Macs before with anything Microsoft tainted.
Thanks muchly.

EDIT: Worth mentioning it's a G5 running 10.5.6.