Im havin a serious problem with my iMac at the minute, last week the Wi-Fi just suddenly stopped working wouldnt connect to my router or when it did it would just assign its own IP address and wouldnt connect to the internet.
I realised last night that it only does this when my ps3 is turned on (my ps3 is sitting next to my imac) but theyve been sitting next to each other for the past year and ive only just started getting this problem. Ive tried turning off wifi on my ps3 cus i thought that might be interfering but that didnt solve anything. Only when my PS3 is completely shut off will my imac work online. It seems to have been since i had to update my PS3 to 3.01 with COD6. Ever since then ive had this problem.

Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be or how i could fix it? Its really annoyin cus usually i watch tv on my ps3 while on the net and now i cant.