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    Trouble copying particular folder over network
    Have 2 Macs networked. I am able to drag files from one computer to the other but I am having a problem with one folder (a fonts folder, not the system fonts folder). When I look at the files in this folder and sub folders across the network they show up as UNIX executable files (they show correctly on the host computer as ttf fonts). If I drag the files over they copy as 0 length files.

    The "host" mac is running 10.4.11
    the receiving mac is running 10.5.8


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    It could be the different operating systems or say if the font folder is for a certain application and the receiving computer does not have the application then it will not know what to open the files with.
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    The receiving computer does have "the application" it is a font. Also that does not explain it copying a 0 length file.

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