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    How do I set NAT to open?
    Please bear with me as I try to explain how everything is setup. I currently have a Linksys wireless g Broadband Router Model: WRK54G It is hooked up to a Dell desktop computer. I am getting wireless through my Macbook from it and have an ethernet cable from the macbook to my 360 that allows me to play online. I am not having any trouble getting connected, as everything works fine. But, on my 360, it says my NAT is strict and I need it to open. Can someone guide me through the process to do this? Last night I was having glitches every now and then and even got kicked out a couple times from the online game I was playing. Thanks.

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    What is the exact error message ?

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Quote Originally Posted by McBie View Post
    What is the exact error message ?

    Cheers ... McBie
    I am not getting any error message. From reading about the problem I was having on the xbox live forum, I figured this was why it was being problematic. And I did see where it said my NAT was set at Strict, so figured I would try and get it changed.

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