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Thread: Problems--First time using laptop and wireless

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    Problems--First time using laptop and wireless
    I have a mac mini, current generation, running leopard, which is hard wired to our cable modem. I just inherited a PC laptop for a couple of weeks, that has built in wifi, so I was hoping to double my internet computers. With the PC, I chose my wireless network and put in the password. It connected like it does on other wifi networks, and the connection info says its connected, the speed, etc. But, when I put a web address in, I get an error saying the there was a problem with the DNS. I have very little knowledge about this type of thing, but I've used the laptop elsewhere and was able to pick a network, connect, and start surfing. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Boy, that's a hard thing to diagnose or describe online like this. Basically, go into Control Panel, Networking, select the wireless connection, go to Advanced, and make sure DNS is set to Automatic. I fiddle around with peoples PC laptops all the time who are have difficulty connecting to the access point we run at our Lab. There must be a dozen of different variables that could be the problem.

    That's another really nice thing about the Mac. Turn it on, and Airport connects. I've never seen anyone have a problem with it.

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    my macbook sees my wireless signal but says its locked with password , I typed in admin and everything worked, now when I try to launch Safari is says its not connected to internet. Airport is on , but no connection

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