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    internet seems to have slowed down
    I got a new macbook pro the other day and up until last night it's been running fine. I've been using wireless internet to watch iplayer etc but last night ventured onto (porn) as someone told me it was worth a look. Thing is since I went on that site my internet seems to have slowed down. I had the firewall turned on etc. I haven't downloaded anything and I still have full bars on the airport. When I now watch iplayer it's all jerky.

    I'm guessing this could very easily be a network problem as when I move closer to the hub it runs fine, but was also wondering is it possible to have got a virus just from watching a streaming video that could have affected the effectiveness of the airport?

    Is there anyway I can check?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You haven't got a virus.

    There are only a handful of Trojans out there that infect OSX. So if any of that online video asked you do download any extra codecs, and you installed them yourself - then in that case you could well be infected with a trojan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddy_pie_hands View Post
    ... I've been using wireless internet internet seems to have slowed down... I'm guessing this could very easily be a network problem... when I move closer to the hub it runs fine
    It would seem that you have not only posed your question, but answered it in the same post.

    If your signal strength and connection quality degrade, then you are obviously meeting with some interference as you move away from the wireless hub.

    Change your wireless channel or find out what is causing the interference... could be a phone, stereo receiver, TV remotes, microwave, etc.
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