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Thread: Wireless mouse need Blue Tooth?

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    Wireless mouse need Blue Tooth?
    Just got a wireless mouse and cannot make it be recognized by my iMAC. Was told I need Blue Tooth but in searching my Imac in About This mac I see no info on a BLue Tooth. Do I need can I get/download it?

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    Which iMac do you have?
    What version of OS X are you using?
    What mouse are you trying to connect?

    If you are on 10.6, do you have bluetooth listed in System Preferences under the Internet & Wireless section?
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    goto system preferences,
    under 'internet & wirless' is there a bluetooth sub-menu.???

    I think that majority of macs have bluetooth built in.

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    As long as your iMac was made after mid-2005, you have Bluetooth. In fact, you could have Bluetooth in a pre-2005 iMac but it was an option. So odds are that you have Bluetooth. What mouse are you trying to connect?
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    Go to About this Mac under Apple icon, select Bluetooth and you should see the Bluetooth, if fitted details. If your imac is an older model, the easiest way to use Bluetooth if not installed is via a D-Link dongle. Simply plugs into a USB or USB2 port, depending on your model iMac.

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    Most wireless mice use a radio frequency (RF) adapter that plugs into your USB ports. If you bought a Bluetooth mouse, then it won't have any receiver at all, instead you'll connect the mouse by using the Bluetooth menu from your menu bar:

    Follow the directions to put your mouse in discovery mode and the rest should be quite simple.

    Also note, you don't need a special mouse to use with a Mac. Any USB/RF or Bluetooth mouse will do.
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